Welcome to Making Peace With Potato Chips

Why is this site is called Making Peace With Potato Chips? When I was little I used to believe that Heaven was me and God sitting on a cloud. Between us was a big silver vat overflowing with potato chips. Every time we took one, another one would magically appear. Why this strange fantasy? Because having once tasted potato chips, I was never allowed to have them again. I was put on a diet at six.

I became a lifetime serial yo-yo dieter. And like so many of us, as soon as I got the weight off, it would creep back on. And I never knew why. It wasn’t until I joined a writing class, and started writing about my childhood, that I understood I was actually uncomfortable being thin. Soon the pieces of my complicated puzzle about weight, food, fatness and thinness began to emerge. With them came the writhing snakes of buried feelings and beliefs that lived  in a dank, slimy pit inside me. Believe me, those snakes, they’re my feelings btw, were some of the scariest suckers you can imagine. But as they began to be unearthed and accepted, they lost their bogeyman power. And when that happened, I was ready to take the weight off for good. Out of that class came a memoir entitled “Making Peace With Potato Chips” which is currently being edited for publication.

And the weight came off even though my poor overstretched stomach doesn’t seem to have that “full” setting to tell me when I’ve had enough. And since so much of my problematic eating was unconscious, I now want to be completely awake to everything that goes in my mouth in the hopes of finding that “full” setting. The good news about being awake is, that I get to savor the gorgeousness of all the foods I love.

My belief is that if everyone could look back and come to terms with their own scary snakes, they would be able to make peace with whatever their potato chip equivalent is.

So I’d love you to join me as I continue my voyage into the uncharted waters of making peace with potato chips.

-Susie Bedsow Horgan

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