About Susie

I was born in Chicago, Illinois but grew up in the environs of New York City. Coming from a show business family, I pursued a BA in drama from the University of California at Irvine. I was “on the boards” for ten years; appearing on Broadway, The Ahmanson Theater and the Kennedy Center where I played opposite Richard Chamberlain in Richard II. My love of drama led me to a twenty year career in daytime television as a writer and producer. I worked on many of the daytime shows before joining the writing team of One Life to Live, winning an Emmy in 1994. I became the Executive Producer on One Life To Live in the mid-nineties.

Along the way I discovered that one of my deepest desires was to be of service to people. Following that trail, I trained as a Co-active coach with The Coaches Training Institute. I went on to complete a six-month certification program with CTI. I am a member of the International Coach Federation and have completed the Leadership program with CTI. I have been coaching for seven years, maintaining a thriving practice.

I have struggled secretly with weight issues from the age of six. I was always caught in the hellish syndrome of wanting to be thin, thus losing significant amounts of weight, only to find the pounds creeping back on, each time to an all-new high. The proverbial yo-yo. I’ve finally discovered that the issue isn’t food; food is simply the mechanism I used to avoid knowing myself fully. I believe for all of us who struggle with weight that the full range of our emotional makeup is locked inside our extra pounds, held there by our self-created jailor: food. I now use my coaching skills to help people break out of their own prison walls because I have found such peace and acceptance on the other side.

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