Are you sick and tired of obsessing about food and hating your body? If so, call me for a complimentary strategy session to begin the transformation of your relationship with food.

From years of experience as a multi-six-figure former executive producer in television, Emmy winner and life coach I know what it’s like to be at the top of my game and at the same time, suffer secretly with issues around food, my body and weight. I was a serial yo-yo dieter uncomfortable  in my own skin and seeing no way out. I’d tried every diet in the book and always ended up gaining the weight back…and then some. 

I wrote a memoir, which is currently in the process of being edited for publication. What came out of writing my book was a step-by-step journey that finally freed me from my personal weight and body-image prison. In a nutshell I confronted and unearthed the beliefs, feelings and thoughts about my weight which were rooted in my childhood. And that is why the book and my company are called: Making Peace With Potato Chips.

I have developed a program of self-discovery around the issues of food, eating, weight and body image. I call it SAFE (SEE, ACCEPT, FORGIVE, EMBRACE). Unlike general life coaching, this work is focused on and directed by me toward this particular issue. Though other life components will come into play, the specific goal is to find peace with food, weight and eating. 

And while this sounds like a “weighty” topic, my approach is light-hearted and loving. It’s about peace, not struggle.

The choice is yours. 

The sooner you start, the sooner you will feel wonderful in your own skin

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