The Safe Program


SAFE  is a step-by-step program to help you understand the real causes of your out of control eating, while providing you with the tools to put you in control. I offer a one-hour jump start session as well as three month, six month and twelve month packages. Also VIP days which work intensively to take you through SAFE in one day.

The benefits of SAFE:

a.   Becoming empowered in the one area where we are most often heart-breakingly powerless. This will affect every other area of your life.
b.   Being in control of your eating, rather than your eating controlling you.
c.   Tasting food like never before and coming to relish the act of eating.
d.   Dramatically diminishing the abusive negative voices that keep you miserable and prevent you from experiencing your life fully.
e.   Seeing the gift of your struggle which brings forgiveness of you and others.
f.   Greater joy.
g.  Coming to love all of who you are INCLUDING your body.

The concrete results of SAFE:
a.    You will have your own customized plan for eating that is desirable, delicious and doable.
b.    You will have a greater understanding of what’s keeping you stuck, blocking you and the tools to break through.
c.    You will have a greater understanding of the role food plays in your life, currently and historically. That will bring you acceptance which is a necessary part of ending the war on food.



SEE how, why, where and what you eat. SEE the real purpose of your eating. SEE the underlying beliefs that are keeping you unhappy and stuck. SEE the fears of giving up the old relationship with food. SEE the relationship you want and begin to build it. SEE your negative self image and change it to the one of your dreams.

It is my experience that feelings we are afraid to look at are held in our extra pounds. Uncover the feelings and dysfunctional eating will no longer mask them. I will help you become an archaeologist, searching for the old, embedded fossils of your history with eating. I’ll be by your side as you lovingly unearth the buried feelings, dust them off, and see what they have to teach you. And then together we’ll build a different foundation for the new you.

Concurrently you will awaken to the nature of your eating habits now. This is not about being on a diet, its about knowing what you’re thinking and feeling with every bite you take.


ACCEPT your negative judgments and begin reframing them. ACCEPT the negative voices, bring them out in the open and learn to actively manage them. ACCEPT the fears that fuel the negative voices and create new dialogues with yourself. ACCEPT your habitual thinking by shifting it to new and beautiful ways of seeing yourself and the world.

You’ll have specific tools to help you on the road to ACCEPTance.


FORGIVE the wrongs that were done to you by working through the anger, resentment, and any other negative emotions that are part of the human experience. FORGIVE yourself and you will be able to FORGIVE the perpetrators. FORGIVE them and you will be able to FORGIVE yourself.

FORGIVEness starts with intention. In “The Dark Side of the Light Changers” Debbie Ford’s groundbreaking work on the shadow side, she writes, “When left unhealed, the past will destroy our lives. It buries our unique gifts, our creativity, and our talents. And when these parts of ourselves go unclaimed, they stagnate inside us: we use them against our world, instead of in harmony with it.” And I believe we hold them in the extra pounds of flesh we carry around with us day after day, sometimes for a lifetime.


EMBRACE the beauty in all human beings, starting with yourself. EMBRACE the gift of your struggle. EMBRACE and live the life you’ve always wanted in relation to food and your body image.

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